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Clear Quartz crystals are amazing, natural conductors and transmitters of energies and they send and receive from each of their planes or facets simultaneously. When they are in a cluster with each single crystal sending and receiving in different directions from each facet, it creates quite a buzz!


A Clear Quartz crystal with a point or apex naturally draws energy in through its flat end and directs it outward through its point. Coupling or pairing Clear Quartz with other stones will amplify their individual inherent frequencies. Quartz crystals can also carry the frequencies of other stones through themselves, while amplifying or boosting their energies simultaneously.


A double-terminated Clear Quartz amplifies two stones simultaneously, creating a ping-pong effect, exciting and amplifying the combined energies of the two stones. Sitting another suitable crystal on top of this force field would harness this energy, that can then be directed where it's needed for specific purposes.


This heart measures: 7.5cm wide x 6.5cm tall

Clear Quartz Puffy Heart - Large

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