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This is truly a beautiful set of Citrine! Citrine is an amazing telepathic communication aid and can be keyed as your personal helper! With its very fiery and joyous nature, Citrine stimulates and ignites the creative centers! It is a wonderful companion crystal for writers, artists, poets, or anyone involved the creative fields. As a healing crystal, wherever there are energy blockages, Citrine gets stagnant energies moving along freely.


The heart measures approx 6.5cm W x 5.5cm H (2.5" W x 1.9" H)

The palm stone measures 4.3cm W x 7cm L (1.6" W x 2.7" L)

The double-terminated, slightly Smoky Citrine crystal measures 3.3cm W x 8cm L (1.2" W x 3"L).

Citrine Heart, Palm Stone & DT Point

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