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This little palm stone is a very deep purple colour. Chevron Amethyst is so named due to the pattern created as it forms in alternate layers of Amethyst and Snowy Quartz, revealing the effects of moon’s gravitational pull on the earth. In reading the definition of Purple Amethyst we understand that its frequency works with the crown chakra and is helpful for receiving information clearly from the spirit realms, as well as assisting in clarifying confusing emotional states. The addition of Snowy Quartz simply slows down the process, affording one the opportunity to explore each impression thoroughly.


You can readily see the stages of growth in a piece of Chevron Amethyst, and this tells us that its vibration will accompany us through the various stages of healing, ensuring that we will be taking it one step at a time. For instance, when one is attempting to recall details of past trauma, the information will drift into consciousness, allowing the individual ample time to examine the memories and assimilate them into current awareness.


Chevron Amethyst can also be of assistance when in communication with one of the many quick-paced realms, such as that of the fairies, to slow the incoming information down a bit. It is a valuable healing stone to crystal therapy practitioners during sessions when they feel the need to tone down the frequency of some of the more accelerated stones.


This little palm stone measures approx. 3.5cm wide x 5cm long

Chevron Amethyst Palm Stone (small)

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