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Caribbean Blue Calcite contains both Calcite and Aragonite. Depending upon your particular piece, you may see both white and brown Aragonite, and it’s common to see little crevices or caves that give you a peek inside the stone, sometimes sprinkled with sparkling Quart druzy.


Caribbean Blue Calcite was actually discovered quite recently in Pakistan. Although it isn’t found in the Caribbean, this lovely stone’s healing properties do reflect its name. The beautiful cyan colours certainly resemble the inviting waters of the Caribbean Sea and its tropical vibration is so calming that if you tune into the stone and close your eyes, you’ll feel like you’re lying on the beach, totally relaxed, listening to the rhythm of the waves rolling in.


There are many lovely ways to use Caribbean Calcite to quiet fears and settle stresses. It’s the perfect stone to meditate with! Set it at your bedside at night to calm the chatter of a restless mind. It’s a wonderful stone to set in a child’s room to maintain a serene atmosphere. You might also set it beside an overactive or under-the-weather pet to help them relax, rest, and simply be.


This palm stone measures approx. 5cm wide x 7.5cm long

Caribbean Blue Calcite Palm Stone

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