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Brown Moonstone contains all of the innate qualities of White Moonstone, but it delves a little deeper into the unconscious mind.


When using Brown Moonstone as a dreaming stone you may experience your dreams a little differently. Normally, when you dream you are dealing with your own conscious realities and you experience yourself as the dream character, actively involved in the dream. When you cross the threshold into the unconscious realms, you are dealing with unknowns and perhaps denied aspects of self. Your dream character will assume a form separate from you and you find yourself watching or witnessing the dream, rather than participating in it.

When you are trying to get to the bottom of a puzzling situation in your everyday life, meditating or daydreaming with Brown Moonstone would, again, allow you deeper access to explore the unconscious realms where you can discover the root of the issue.


This lovely heart measures approx. 5.5cm wide x 4.75cm tall x 1.5cm thick (#1678)

Brown Moonstone Heart

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