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Also known as Blue Rose Quartz, Blue Quartz is a transmitter of information. Of course, contains the same properties and qualities of Clear Quartz in terms of amplifying and intensifying energies. As it vibrates in the blue frequency band, it readily aligns with the blue, throat chakra of the human energetic system. Its vibration is very effective in working with the voice; clarity of voice, amplifying and projection of voice and in energetically healing issues with the voice or vocal cords, such as stuttering or fluency of speech, laryngitis, chronic cough, etc.


Acting as a bridge, Blue Quartz allows for strong communication between the brain and the rest of the system. Setting Blue Quartz on any part of the body will strengthen communication with that area. For instance; if you have an issue such as a sore knee and your intention is to understand the cause, placing Blue Quartz on the knee will act as a bridge between and body and thought and help you to receive the information clearly.


Blue Quartz is a very good assistant when exploring or communicating with the subconscious parts of the mind, making all information readily available to consciousness.

As well as amplifying thoughts, Blue Quartz intensifies vision/inner vision, making it a wonderful helper when channeling or communicating with the spirit or unseen realms.


This palm stone measures approx. 4.5cm wide x 6cm long (#1014)

Blue Quartz Palm Stone #2

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