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Blue Kyanite has a reputation as a warrior stone. Its vibration is incredibly strong, sharp, clear and precise. In the etheric realms, with its straightforward, no nonsense-no questions attitude, a blade of Blue Kyanite can sever harmful ties, such as those to individuals or past situations that are causing problems in your present-day life.


When experiencing emotional turmoil, Blue Kyanite can assist in cutting through the nonsense to expose the truth of the situation. It’s a great protection stone for blocking negative energies aimed in your direction, as well as, to remove those energies that you've been holding on to that actually belong to other people, such as those that you've taken on through guilt or shame. Be sure to always guide Blue Kyanite through your intention.


Palm stone measures approx: 8cm L x 5.5cm W (3" L x 2" W). The blade measures approx: 9cm L x 2.2cm W  (3.5" L x .8" W)

Blue Kyanite Blade & Palm Stone

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