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If you’re looking for a scrying stone to explore the spirit realms of knowledge and prophecy or perhaps take to a peek into the brightest possible future, Black Moonstone is an amazing ally. Although it is effective in all shapes and sizes, it’s best used for scrying in the shape of a sphere.


During meditation or when daydreaming, Black Moonstone can assist you to get to the root of a puzzling situation. Slipping a Black Moonstone into your bath water while meditating can be a powerful experience, bringing more depth and focus, as water is such an amazing conduit.


Black Moonstone also excels when it comes to night-time dreaming! Delving deeply into the unconscious realms brings about a different type of dream than you might normally experience. In these dreams will find your dream-self taking a separate form from you, and you will find yourself watching or witnessing the dream, rather than participating in it.


This palm stone measures approx. 4.5cm wide x 6.5cm long

Black Moonstone Palm Stone #2

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