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In the mineral community, the term ‘onyx’ is frequently used to describe Calcite; generally, Banded Calcite. As such, the description given here is very similar to Calcite.


The vibration of Banded Onyx is strong and clear and it has the ability to penetrate into a system deeply when used for healing purposes and it is quite attuned to working with humans. As this particular piece contains a green hue, this tells us that it will also contains an inherent sense of balance. During a crystal healing session, its vibration can assist in removing disharmonious or toxic energies lingering in the system, when directed to do so. Working well with structure, its frequency can also help to strengthen the energies that manifest as bones and teeth.


On the emotional level; again, Banded Onyx absorbs disruptive and disharmonious energies that can cause stress and anxiety. It is a great placement stone for the home, as well, as it will assist to cleanse and purify the atmosphere. Like other Calcite’s, Banded Onyx is a stone that needs to be cleared or cleansed quite frequently of the energies it has absorbed.


This heart measures approx: 7cm wide x 6cm tall.

Banded Onyx Heart

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