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New Moon Solstice can shed light on issues buried in your unconscious mind that are in need of healing.


This essence emerged amid unusual conditions. During a summer solstice and a new moon eclipse in Cancer, the planet Mars was nearer to Earth than it had been in a very long time. The astrological influences were complex, and indicated support for sudden change, expansion and growth on very deep levels of self.


New Moon Solstice works through the yellow solar plexus chakra, bringing issues into expression that had been suppressed, including those we have, perhaps unknowingly, yet purposefully, hidden from ourselves. Just as there are times when others hide things from us, there are times we hide things from ourselves, but eventually everything needs to be recovered and brought into conscious awareness if we are to heal and grow into the wholeness of our true selves.

This essence vibration can be helpful to assist us in contacting and reclaiming all parts of self that we have become disconnected from on the emotional level. New Moon Solstice Essence is an impetus that draws these energies up and out into expression, while at the same time supporting us through each step of the healing process.

Available in spray, solid and roll-on.

Concerning present, everyday life, the essence may help to bring up hidden issues, such as an imbalance that has not yet fully surfaced but of which we have symptoms/setbacks arising. If you choose to address such issues in these early stages, the essence vibration can assist to bring them into the light of consciousness to be examined and fully understood. Because this essence will simply set about uncovering all that has been hidden, it is important to be as clear as possible about the nature of what you are searching for or intending to heal when giving the essence direction.


It is not only traumatic memories and concealed issues that lie hidden within us. Many of us have talents, skills and strengths of which we are unaware because we disconnected from them when we were very young or even in alternate/previous lifetimes. New Moon Solstice can help us reconnect with and reclaim these lost and forgotten gifts!

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