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The vibration of Moonshadow Essence can help you to release trapped emotions.

This powerful essence was born under the light of the full Beaver Moon during a 6-hour long partial eclipse—the longest partial eclipse in 600 years. The theme of Moonshadow Essence is focused release.

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A rare Trapiche Ruby and a Herkimer Quartz Enhydro crystal were added to the essence waters. The most awesome thing about Quartz Enhydro crystals and that they contain small amounts of water within their make-up. Some say the water became trapped within the crystal, while others believe the water within is intended by nature and thought to be a part of nature’s design of the crystal. However, on this night, the water was yearning to be released. Metaphorically, within the human system, the water within refers to held emotions.

Nature has also given the Trapiche Ruby cabochon used in the essence a very interesting design. Its star pattern is masked or superimposed with hexagonal shapes, ascending in size from the center, one inside the other. This very grounding Ruby calls for sudden change. The change it speaks of is very much like how a pearl forms; the outcome is always welcoming—a step up, you could say—from irritation to relief, or from struggling to ease, from suffering to peace.


A sudden-transition essence, Moonshadow is very helpful for releasing many different held emotions. For instance, the essence vibration can assist you to release regrets from past experiences that keep popping up and drawing your attention back in time. Moonshadow can also help you to let go of blame and shame, aimed either at yourself or others. You may not necessarily feel that you can forgive individual(s) involved who you feel have caused you pain, but you can release them and set them free from your life.


Moonshadow can be used to release yourself from marriages or common-law relationships—any type of relationship that has come to an end that you no longer wish to be a part of. The essence is also very effective for releasing grief, sadness, worry and stress before it becomes stagnant or chronic. The essence vibration can also be used to release the energies that cause tension in your body, as well.

Maybe you plan to purchase a new home; release both yourself and your current home with a sense of love and good wishes for the next occupant. Perhaps you need to release yourself from the path you are currently traveling in life in search of one more in tune with your desires—use Moonshadow Essence to jump realities!

To work with Moonshadow Essence, simply state your intention to give the essence clear direction. Your intention might sound like this; I would like to work with this essence and I would like to release this… or, I would like to let go of my attachment to this… or perhaps, I intend to let go of worry and regret I’m carrying about this… Then apply the essence to the aura or any of the body’s pulse points or chakra centers. (Remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to essences, as they are self-adjusting.)


The release will take whatever form it needs to take, but the outcome will feel welcoming to you. Should you feel you need to release through ceremony, do so using the phases of the moon or in times of balance between sun and moon, as this essence holds an abundance of moon energy.

Use Moonshadow Essence on its own, as it is quite a strong vibration and will easily overpower any other essences in combination with it.

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Moonshadow Essence is currently available only in Liquid or Solid Roll-on

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