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Gemini Moon Essence can assist you to uproot stagnant energies and get things moving again!

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Born under a Gemini moon, this essence vibration carries such traits as adaptability and versatility. Gemini Moon Essence froze in the light of the full Cold Moon, revealing many visible ripples across its surface, letting us know that it’s full to the brim with lively, invigorating energies! This makes it a great helper for uprooting and mobilizing stagnant energies within the system to get things moving again.


Gemini Moon is for times when you’re feeling swamped or trapped and anxiety is beginning to set in. Perhaps you’re stuck in your comfort zone, repeating habitual patterns, or maybe you carry unconscious beliefs surrounding lack and scarcity, prosperity and abundance, that prevent you from moving forward in your life in a healthy way. Whatever the circumstances, when you feel it’s time to say goodbye to those frustrating, assembly-line, day-after-days, Gemini Moon may help you to break free and step into the sunlight that's streaming out a brand-new day!

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I have been working with stones and crystals for over 2 decades and I am sharing

what I've learned over the years in a series of online courses. If you're interested

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