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This essence can provide a crystal clear connection when communicating

with many of the unseen realms of Earth

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This essence was birthed as the full Flower Moon blossomed in our skies overhead during a total lunar eclipse. Our planet was held for a time directly between the sun and the blood supermoon, causing a stronger than average magnetic pull on Earth’s layers and realms, bringing them closer together.

An incredibly clear, double-terminated Quartz crystal was added to the essence waters to amplify the overall effects. Double-terminated Quartz crystals send and receive information through both of their points simultaneously and each point or apex gives precise direction to the energies passing through the crystal.

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Crystal Clear Connections Essence in its frozen state

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This essence is all about connection. Focusing on the space in-between realms, the essence vibration allows and maintains a strong, clear, connection between physical reality and the many unseen, non-physical realms.

For those channeling spirit from the other side, or when first developing your channeling gifts, or communicating with your personal guides, this is a great energetic booster.


It is an excellent essence for connecting with those who have crossed over to the other side. For instance, when one is in mourning, thoughts and emotions are scattered and it’s very hard to make a contact with loved ones. The essence not only makes a connection, but also clears away debris and amplifies the messages as they come through. The essence can also be used during dreamtime or meditation when given direction through your intentions.


As well, it is the perfect choice for those interested in connecting to and conversing with various beings of other Earth realms, such as the Plant People, Tree Dryads, Devic and Fairy Realms, the Elementals and Stone Beings, and the Earth herself.

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