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Unit 1: Quartz Crystals & Configurations

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Quartz & Crystal Configurations is divided into 3 units or courses, each containing different crystals with natural and unique configurations and amazing abilities. We would be delighted to you have join us in this first unit of the series as we learn to identify some of these crystals through their geometrical shapes and markings and learn how to effectively work with them as we develop a personal, one-on-one, relationship with each. Some of the crystals we explore here can assist us with grounding and centering, channeling spirit or connecting and communicating with our personal guides, and even help us to develop and nurture a rich inner life, and more! In looking at a cluster of Quartz crystals, the geometrical shape of each and every crystal is no accident. Our planet communicates with other planets and stars in the universe and beyond, and gives physical form to the information she receives—the form of a crystal. Here is a list of what we will explore in this unit: Lesson 1: The Double-terminated Quartz Lesson 2: The Record Keeper & Striated Crystals Lesson 3: The Channeling Crystal Lesson 4: The Vogel Crystal Lesson 5: The Singing Crystals Lesson 6: The Faden Crystal Lesson 7: The Manifestation Crystal Lesson 8: The Harlequin Quartz If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:




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