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Innate Gifts Unit 1: Spiritual & Psychic Awareness

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Being focused in the material world, we humans sometimes overlook the fact that we are also spiritual beings who have access to a wealth of knowledge and skills that we are, for the most part, not consciously aware of. Working with the Stone Beings is a great way to develop and hone our latent psychic abilities and special gifts, bringing these unseen parts of ourselves to life. Being a part of nature, the Stone Beings have instant access to the amazing communication system of our planet and beyond and they are more than happy to help us tap in and grow. Within this course, each lesson will introduce a stone or crystal that can assist you with a variety of tasks. If it looks overwhelming at first glance, don't worry; it’s totally up to you how many of these stones you choose to acquire, get to know, and work with. Here is a list of the Stone Beings we'll introduce in this unit: Lesson 1: Chrysocolla Lesson 2: White Aventurine Lesson 3: Black Onyx Lesson 4: Angelite Lesson 5: Clear Tourmaline Lesson 6: Howlite Lesson 7: Clear Quartz Crystal Lesson 8: Biotite Lesson 9: Ametrine Lesson 10: Iolite If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:




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