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A Ripple in Time can assist in healing core issues and help you make the leap to a new reality!

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We are presented with countless choices throughout our lifetime and each one has the potential to lead us down a different pathway. Sometimes it seems we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere and wonder just how we got here.


Born under a rare and large Supermoon, this essence vibration can be helpful in times when it feels like we’ve lost control of our life and are headed down a path that seems not of our choosing. There is much confusion and difficulty during these times because we can feel hopeless and powerless and don’t see any other options available.


A Ripple in Time is a multi-dimensional essence vibration that can assist us in healing imprints or core beliefs that we are carrying, but may not be consciously aware of. These patterns we blindly follow may be what caused us to be on an undesirable path. They may be beliefs that we 've adopted in childhood that tell us we are unlovable or unworthy or they may ancestral imprints that we carry in our very DNA.

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Photo of the large supermoon on the evening this essence was born

This essence vibration has the ability to easily ripple through the layers to the very depths of the unconscious mind, loosening the threads of the imprinted patterns of yesterday, making room for other potential realities to begin to emerge—and this causes a positive reaction in the outside world. As you work with the essence, watch for affirming reflections in your day-to-day life as new opportunities present themselves. You will have choices available but it is up to you to take that step into this new and different reality.


An example of a common familial or ancestral imprint might be that our ancestors were subject to the caste system. If they were at the lower end of the hierarchy, they would not have been allowed to rise above their station in life, thus making it very difficult for them to grow and flourish. Many of us carry this particular imprint to this very day, unaware of its influence on our decisions and the invisible barriers it creates in our lives.


Again, as the vibration ripples through while unraveling the strands of the ingrained imprint, pay special attention to new possibilities that arise and prepare to take the leap onto a new path that is more aligned with your conscious intentions.

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